Blindfolded……………. (Short Story)

Erotic Arousals


It was so quiet but she knew he was still in the room, she could feel his presence. Her tanned toned body prickled with excitement, she didn’t know what he had in store this time. As she lay motionless her wrists bonded by silk scarfs, she wore only a pair of black lace panties and matching bra to cover her modesty. The silk blindfold stopped her from seeing a thing but she could hear him moving…..

‘Oh god!’ she exclaimed as she felt his lips brush against her neck, her back arched with the need she felt to have him inside her, her pussy was already moist at the thought. He lightly kissed below her ear knowing this would drive her crazy!

‘Ssshhh’ he whispered as she writhed beside him, she was so close before he even touched her. An ice cube in his hand he gently traced it…

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